“The Disastrous Consequences of Heavy-Handed Leadership”


“I remember the evening with shameful regret.”  My interest was piqued.  I, myself, have experienced heavy-handed (first-hand), and this blogger is spot on.

I hate to abridge a 5-minute read  http://thecripplegate.com/heavy-handed-leadership/  but that’s how I roll.  Here’s the gist:

“…the danger of heavy-handed leadership… sinfully excused as “righteous anger,” and, if gone unchecked, will leave a path of carnage.

“…Here are nine potential disasters resulting from heavy-handed leadership.

1)- he’s just a burden to be around. … his lord-it-over approach will wear people out… He should not be surprised if people disband from him.

2)- will place unbearable burdens on those around him. … They will [be] looking over their shoulder to see if their mini-pope is about to crack the whip…

3)- he may likely chase away struggling souls. His graceless bantering will scatter them away, especially those younger in the faith… he will have little time or patience for them…

4)- those people who do not flee from him will become like him. … and so shower his ego with praise for his success to make “disciples”…

5)- the heavy-handed leader will be unconfrontable. … convince himself that all are wrong but him, and cast them out. … He… will write them off as “of the evil one”… explain it away with sophisticated arguments and intellect… He’s right, and no one else is. He has to win the argument…

6)- when he teaches, he will not effectively feed the flock. … the bulk of his teaching will be a tongue-lashing… rather than a banquet feast for the sheep…

7)- people close to him will begin to steer away from him. … may even begin to resent ministry, writing off his sin as the church’s fault.

8)- will do further damage to his soul by propagating his spiritual blindness. … disguised as fervor for the truth. But in reality, it’s blinded pride…

9)- will damage the reputation of the Chief Shepherd. He will represent Christ more as a despot-dictator… rather than a servant-king with a cross. …

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One Response to “The Disastrous Consequences of Heavy-Handed Leadership”

  1. Toni says:

    so, so true!

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