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Part of our fun is going out to breakfast with friends.  Mmm, waffles. But today’s post is about waffling: “indecisive; unable to make up one’s mind; playing the safe middle ground due to one’s own lack of conviction…” “‘I know … Continue reading

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To Whom it May Concern

= – = From “My Life” by Billy Joel I don’t need you to worry for me cause I’m alright I don’t want you to tell me it’s time to come home I don’t care what you say anymore, this … Continue reading

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The Bystander Effect

The bystander effect is when people don’t help someone if others are present: the more people, the less likely any one of them will help.  Doctors have observed that, first, somebody has to notice it; then interpret it, decide whether … Continue reading

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Tabloid Journalism

Martians are coming! (It must be true: I saw it on a #hash tag on Twitter.) Here we are: the 21st Century; and somehow people are still buying tabloid sensationalism and gossip, most of which is probably plunked out in … Continue reading

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Not Finishing Well

From Ephesians 4:25-32, Alistair Begg preached “How to Ruin a Church’s Effectiveness.” Tolerate: 1) Untruthful Speech 2) Uncontrolled Anger 3) Unchanged Lifestyle 4) Unwholesome Talk 5) Unforgiving Spirit …let each one of you speak the truth… Be angry and do … Continue reading

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Trust Issues

How’s it goin’? Fine, thanks. Really?  What have you had going, lately? Oh, just… I’m fine.  Nothin’. Hm. Shall we go another round?  Or are you going to tell me what’s up? Well… Oh, I’m fine.  How have YOU been? … Continue reading

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Gymnastics started with the Greeks, displaying skills at mounting and dismounting horses. The word is also from Greek, meaning “to train naked.”  I wonder if they ever combined the two?  Sure, they did.  Anyway, having taken a full semester of … Continue reading

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