Gymnastics started with the Greeks, displaying skills at mounting and dismounting horses. The word is also from Greek, meaning “to train naked.”  I wonder if they ever combined the two?  Sure, they did.  Anyway, having taken a full semester of gymnastics, I can tell you—the lessons there last a lifetime:

Acrobatics – Oh, yeah, especially helpful as a wife and mother.  (Okay, either you really get this one, or you don’t.)

Agility – This training is invaluable: Flitting about, sans clod-hopper noise, has proven especially helpful—in… traffic.

Balance – We learned “slow and steady” on the balance beam.  So when tempted, I picture a stocky, short-haired woman wearing a whistle. ‘Works every time.

Confidence – There was this cult.  Confidence and conviction got me out of there; these days, I only obey One Coach.

Coordination – From the workplace, to marriage, to heaven’s gate, everyone MUST coordinate!

Flexibility – We all forget and flub.  Why not fill in each other’s gaps? Bend over backwards to make somebody else look better?

Floor Exercise – Shall we get down to brass tacks?  Humility.  Go prostrate.  Dig your face into the mat.  Get over yourself.

High Bar – On the other hand, set your sights high!  Train and strengthen, to weather what this world might be dishing out.  …Because it will…

Landing – A surprising amount of training is in how you land.

Parallel/Uneven Bars – Sometimes you just have to straighten up and inch your way along.

Rings – No one promised life wound not have its share of swivels, spins, and spirals.  Hold on tight.

Rope Climb – ‘Seems like there’s one of these on every course.  Why not rejoice in the ride rather than whining about the calluses?

Strength – Head in to work while others are having coffee.  Set phone to “silent.” Buck up, Bucko.

Trampoline – Bounce like Tigger; make it fun.  When everyone else is grousing, be the cheerful one!

Tumbling – Helping the young or the weak… because you, too, have done your share of tumbling…

Vaulting – There are those days when there’s no way over that hurdle without a long, running start.



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