Trust Issues

How’s it goin’?

Fine, thanks.

Really?  What have you had going, lately?

Oh, just… I’m fine.  Nothin’.

Hm. Shall we go another round?  Or are you going to tell me what’s up?

Well… Oh, I’m fine.  How have YOU been?

I can see you’re not going to make this easy.  …Spill.

[Inhales, holds a moment, then exhales.]

[Funny face with crossed eyes!]

Okay, if you must know…

Sometimes it’s like pulling teeth.  They want the pain taken away, but the roots are deep and somebody’s got to really tug!  There are a number of reasons for this: wanting to tell somebody else’s part but not our own; not wanting to inconvenience somebody; and then, of course, we all have trust issues.

This morning, I was paying bills.  I thought to myself, “Man, I’ve been doing this right on time for 40 years.  They like me.  But all it would take is one little hiccup…”  Keep giving them what they want, and everybody’s happy.  But if they think there’s a possibility of losing their pound of flesh…  years add up to zip.

Sadness: people treat each other this way.  It happened to me: ‘invested in the wrong institution; ‘put my trust in the wrong direction; and was “bankrupt.”  I learned that the entire term was not about my interest.  I was just a numbered head, contributing to their kitty.  Like the bank or insurance company, they have pretty posters of happy families, but they are takers.  When the time came to pay a premium (step outside of their agenda), they couldn’t do it.  That’s a heck of an ugly bottom line.

Which brings us back to our two buddies:  “Oh, just…  I’m fine.  Nothin’.”  Somewhere along the way, somebody got burned.  They learned the hard way that you can’t really trust anybody (except God).  That, oddly, is at the same time the most pathetic fact of life, and the most wonderful.  You see, the Lord can be trusted.  He will never dump you.  And—GOOD NEWS!  Some of us on this earth have God.  Because you can trust Him, you can count on those who truly know Him.  Find us.  We’re here.

How’s it goin’?

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2 Responses to Trust Issues

  1. Jodeen says:

    Fine – and you?

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