Psalm 19:7-9

God’s Law

  • God’s instructions
  • How God says to live

  • Unarguable
  • Perfectly accomplish
Reviving the soul

  • Convicting to repentance
  • Lifting a weary heart
When I am selfish / Show me Your Law
I’ll know I must rely on Your Son
In honoring You / And loving my neighbor
I realize I’ve barely begun
God’s Testimony

  • Anything God says
  • God’s explanations

  • Can be counted on
  • Have no variation
Making the simple wise

  • Provide direction in life
  • Allays idiotic behavior
Keep me in Proverbs  /  Soaking in Job
The letters of Paul and the rest
All of Your wisdom  /  Meditated on daily
Will help me to be at my best
God’s Precepts

  • Principles
  • Paradigms

  • Never steer you wrong
  • Always make sense
Rejoicing the heart

  • Something to hold onto
  • Bringing peace
Help me remember  /  What You are doing
Because my ideas are absurd
Change my thinking  /  Through Your principles
Bring me peace thru Your Word
God’s Commandment

  • The Father’s edicts
  • Anything He orders

  • Is uncorrupted
  • His motive is love
Enlightening the eyes

  • Reminds us that He Lives
  • Helps us see others
When I am foolish  /  Square me away
I need a supernatural view
Open my eyes  /  To the greater picture
The things that matter to You
The fear of the Lord

  • Worship the Almighty
  • No longer turned aside
  • Blessed with reverence
  • By grace, submitting

  • Good
  • Purifying
  • Making holy


Enduring forever

  • Men will revere God
  • for all eternity
Move me, Lord  /  To hate all evil
Humble me before Your presence
Show me my sin  /  Make my life clean
Teach me holy reverence
God’s Rules

  • What God says to do
  • The lay of His land
  • How we are to behave

  • Are perfectly logical
  • Are fair to everyone
  • Lead us the right way
Righteous altogether

  • Are never tainted
  • Are always for the good of all
  • Are always for His pleasure
Your commands  /  Are always true
They’re good for everyone
Help me, Lord  /  To obey your Word
May Your perfect will be done
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2 Responses to Psalm 19:7-9

  1. gramztamz says:

    I love how you make God’s wisdom clear for us “simple.”

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