Working Stiff’s Weekend

= – = – =

I wanted to stay up—

Late—‘cause I could!

(But working stiffs, Friday nights,

Are rarely any good.)

= – = – =

I wanted to sleep in—

(You know, like before!)

But I awakened on Saturday—

Per normal—at Four.

= – = – =

I took time to pray,

Answered emails and such;

Then ‘started the coffee:

(Really, this was too much!)

= – = – =

‘Paid bills, wrote the menu,

The day was a whir—

Before all my family

Had the inkling to stir.

= – = – =

Before most had coffee,

Eggs, or donut treats,

I was typing addresses

And posting receipts.

= – = – =

While you were relaxing

In your slippers and gown,

I was moving furniture,

And running errands in town.

= – = – =

What, exactly,

Is the matter? ‘Couldn’t say,

Except burning daylight

Isn’t how I spend my day.

= – = – =

The problem, though, Friends,

Is the pace that I keep:

It postpones lovely meetings

(And depletes me of sleep).

= – = – =

So as I am filing,

Listing, posting, and the like,

I’ll think of you dear ones—

Setting out on your hike.

= – = – =

Have fun on your beach trips,

Your golfing, your cards.

But my chores will be done,

And I must mow my yard!

= – = – =

Call me antisocial—

(Maybe I’m a jerk!)

That’s okay: Monday morning,

I’ll go back to work.

= – = – =

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5 Responses to Working Stiff’s Weekend

  1. BillyTheShark says:

    You should get out more.
    If I do more chores, then maybe you’ll have more time for fun!

  2. themamaduck says:

    I’d take her up on that offer! Lol! 😉
    Great post btw…

  3. I love it! I can SO relate to some of your postings (most). But also want to remind you of this awesome poem “Dust if you Must”

  4. Ah… to sleep in. What does that feel like again? 😉

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