E.T.E.R.N.A.L. – L.I.F.E.


E.verlasting staying alive, never dying

T.rue God living in the believer right here

E.ach trial brings life-changing lessons

R.est in heaven because my just judgment was paid

N.ever again crying any tears—ever

A.ll pain stops when the flesh expires

L.eaving the ways of the world behind


L.iving for the Lord in my service and decisions

I.nternal peace right now, in all things, every day

F.ailing does not result in eternal punishment

E.ach need sincerely brought to God in prayer


I.t’s also examining myself, working with fear

N.ourishment and faith from the Holy Scriptures


C.hrist is Lord over all and deserves worship

H.oly Spirit guiding, helping, and convicting

R.oom for grace because everyone needs the Savior

I.n fellowship, sharpening, along with others

S.eeking God’s kingdom and righteousness

T.aking this News to those without this hope



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