YHWH Will Provide

Abraham “got it.”  When faced with potentially a tragic loss of what he held most precious, he didn’t see it that way at all.  He named Mt. Moriah “Jehovahjireh” (God will Provide).  To this day it is known as, “In the mount of the LORD it shall be seen.”

Can I get an Amen? “It shall be seen!”

God shows us—if we pay attention—that He is our Helper.

He came and lived among us.  It shall be seen!

He has promised me I will meet Him.  It shall be seen!

He meets needs all the time.  It shall be seen!
On the physical plane, this week God sent me some help.  Knowing the Lord as I do, this shouldn’t be a great mystery or a sudden surprise.  But it is nonetheless… marvelous.

My Lord reveals constantly that He lives, and intercedes on my behalf:

—-His grace sustained us through a two-year trial; he has even taken our tears away.

—-My book is being extremely well received; that is such an encouragement.

—-As I tie up my first year back in the workplace, it’s phenomenal that my manager showered me with Christmas presents and a big hug.

Indeed, through all the peaks and valleys, our amazing Creator—my loving Daddy—has carried me like a fledgling baby bird.

And this week He sent such a plain answer to prayer, I would have had to have been blind not to see it… (although I often am).  I’d do well to remember Abraham, who basically said, “Don’t worry; be happy:  it shall be seen!”

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