“Happy” New Year

Today I wished my husband a “happy” new year, that we would actually make it joyful, blessed, purposeful, and peaceful.  How does that play out?  Maybe something like this?

^^We’re both Christian—born again:

——-JOY: Rejoice at every turn—that we are never going to taste death!

——-BLESSING: Remember from what we have been delivered.

——-PURPOSE: Be busy about the good works for which we have been created.

——-PEACE: Rest in the One Mediator: our sin is paid for.

^^We’re both employed full time; light and purpose can be brought to the workplace:

——-JOY: Start each day with a smile; find humor in the mundane; be fun to be around.

——-BLESSING:  Look for ways to go the extra mile; do our very best at our job.

——-PURPOSE:  Make righteously stellar choices; speak of Christ when the door opens.

——-PEACE: Take every workday to God in prayer.

^^We’re both blessed with a large collective of relatives and friends:

——-JOY:  Make a point of gathering often; sharing food and fun.

——-BLESSING: Pick up the phone to keep in touch; being observant and meeting needs.

——-PURPOSE: Take one-on-one time to share experiences and help each other spiritually.

——-PEACE: Seek ways to cultivate peace between various family members and others.

^^We’ve both been blessed with many years on earth:

——-JOY: Share our understanding of God’s goodwill toward men in sending the Savior.

——-BLESSING: Seek out younger folks that can use training or mentorship.

——-PURPOSE: Treat each day as a gift, redeeming the time.

——-PEACE: Acknowledge that any good in us is because of God in us.

^^We’re both well provided for by the Lord:

——-JOY: Host people who have no way of paying us back; give to local needs.

——-BLESSING: Give time and resources; select specific needs to bless.

——-PURPOSE:  Whatever offerings we make, let us make it about the Gospel.

——-PEACE: Be righteous with our finances, that peace may prevail.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Wishing all of us a “Happy” New Year.


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