And… Out there. Again.

After a short hiatus, I’m back.

And open to the public.


Asking forgiveness if you find the way I manage this blog to be irritating.

Agreeing with you:  open… close… open… close… open… it is irritating.

After thinking about it, however, it occurred to me: it’s my blog.


And there are things to say.

Another year is in full swing; I’ve been riding along, mulling it over—

Articulating the developments.

Actually heretofore not compelled to blog—

As I took some needed time for transformation of the mind.

Aching, it seems (at least in my case), affects communication;

A person in pain is hard-pressed to be a source of delight!

Aspiring to be uplifting rather than snarky, it was better to lay low.

After awhile, though, I missed you.

All the times we shared.

All the sharing of burdens.

All the laughs.

And there are things to say.

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3 Responses to And… Out there. Again.

  1. themamaduck says:

    So nice to “see” you writing again! ☺

  2. mchellelife says:

    Good to see you’re back!!

  3. Glad to have you back!! Missed your blog 🙂

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