Mission Critical

My workplace has a great I.T. department.  Last week, one of their managers sought a meeting—to work with us even more efficiently. (I love that!)

This was the first I’d heard of the phrase, “Mission Critical.”  As he spoke, I realized these tech whizzes are constantly performing triage.  “Mission critical refers to any factor of a system… whose failure will result in the failure of business operations. That is, it is critical to the organization’s ‘mission.’” (Wikipedia)

It’s a good thing I can multi-task, because as we discussed data requirements, I reminisced of “M*A*S*H”—Hawkeye Pierce and Margaret Houlihan: “This one can wait; take this one STAT: he’s got internal bleeding.”

Yup: the entire operation of a multi-million-dollar enterprise in the hands of one computer-savvy Poindexter.

Haven’t we all had to do our share of triage?  Haven’t you experienced a mission critical moment?  It’s a tough decision to rescue somebody, even if it meant (temporarily) setting somebody else aside?  It’s not easy; that’s why part of job training for computer dudes is in diplomacy.

As I plow hard into my second half-century, I dare say I’ve had my share of this.  I’m a MOTHER! ‘Ever had to set an infant on the floor to grab a toddler from the 3rd shelf?  ‘Nuff said.  And frankly, after homeschooling for 12 years, then being caregiver to a dementia patient, and after that becoming ostracized by loved ones, and returning to the workplace after 22 years, Triage is my middle name.

The Lord has brought me a long way.  When I was younger, important decisions would send me into panic mode.  These days, Hey, I can crash a car without shedding a tear; that’s a far cry from standing still—frozen—pointing: “Well, look at that: the curtains are on fire!”  (Yes. I did that.)

So take it from me: LIFE is mission critical.  Just deal.

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One Response to Mission Critical

  1. tmbate says:

    Laura, I loved this one!  You hit the nail on the head, girl!

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