Un-ripened Fruit


“They look so pretty. It’s been nearly a year. Let’s get some.”
Nope! Anybody knows you *never* buy berries before they’re in season.
It’s a classic conundrum. Throughout life, there are all sorts of things we wait for. Interestingly, many such assets or experiences are readily within our reach. The trick, however, is discerning which are better left alone—to ripen.
“Ooh! Ooh!” You’re chomping at the bit: “Why vegetables, today, Blogger?”
Haha, Grasshopper: let it ripen.
Haven’t you seen this? Somebody has drafted the dream… initial steps in place… next phase underway… all well in hand. Then—BAM!!! I WANT IT NOW!
Oh, the plethora of exquisite visions that have been splattered by such interruptions! And don’t you agree: It’s so deflating. Frankly, it can be devastating.
The old manager, gradually training the replacement, at some juncture decides it’s time to fish or cut bait. But the calculation was a mere few months premature, forcing the apprentice to sprout wings and fly.
Ouch: Back to the drawing board!
The so-called leader, having slowly indoctrinated the ranks, finally makes a daring maneuver. But it’s ill-conceived; the troops scatter. (Loving every minute of it, by the way.)
‘Didn’t see *that* coming!
The volatile business owner, taking heat from all sides, finally snaps. But, as God would have it, the fall guy was the one person holding the boat together.
That’s gotta hurt.

The scoffer, sowing wild oats—and The Lord returns—for those who have trusted in Him.
— — —

“The best laid plans of mice and men…” Robert Burns wrote that poem after plowing through a mouse’s nest in the snow. The message was this: “You can prepare for everything but the unexpected.”
Let us learn from others’ foolish foibles. Have patience; let’s try not to jump the gun.
If we eat fruit that is yet un-ripened, the stomach produces excess acid, rough pieces wreak havoc on the gut, and things get lodged in there… resulting in a load of gas.


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