Our Creator commands us to love. He teaches us how to love. He even came down here and showed us in Person.
One thing He does not need to do, however, is to teach us to love ourselves. We do that quite well, thank you very much!
In fact, some love themselves so much that they think everyone should be little clones of their perceived perfection—and they attempt to morph us into facsimiles. It’s an ugly experiment. Sadly, some of us guinea pigs scurry around that crazy maze quite awhile before chewing our way out.
God—amazingly—makes each of us an exclusive, designed, gifted, unique treasure. So these self-lovers can try and try, but they can’t produce carbon copies; the best they’ll get is a cheap knock-off. It’s usually at that point that the gerbil finds the escape route.
I’m just discovering something: for most of my life I’ve been somebody’s guinea pig. I’m finally fed up with mad scientists shoving my derriere through an idiotic labyrinth.
Ironically, this epiphany couldn’t come at a worse time. I’m in the job market. And what are they all looking for? Guinea pigs and clones! Really? Do we all have to talk, act, and dress alike? Seriously… like… it’s… like… so Junior High.
Last week, I was again swimming with the sharks—rubbing elbows with the movers and shakers. I felt like a square peg. Yeah, yeah, I suppose I could stand to make some changes (albeit kicking and screaming all the way!). But corporate America can take this to the bank: this little church mouse isn’t above biting and clawing—should I find myself stuck in somebody’s Habitrail.

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One Response to Gerbils.

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Love reading your blog.

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