Feminism, Shmemm-inism

Today I learned I didn’t get the job I was interviewed for. It cut a bit, but I’ll heal. And this is just the beginning; I’d better buck up.
Even as I exited that interview, I realized I’d better show more Moxy. I gave an impressive sales pitch—but yeah, I was sporting a curly do and comfortable flats. On the Facebook survey, I was “The Mom.” My resume is solid, but these days it’s 40% skill set and 60% Mojo.
I suppose I could have planned better. For 30 years, I’ve attended the school of Timothy: “the wife of one husband, and having a reputation for good works: if she has brought up children, has shown hospitality… devoted herself to every good work.” Oh, I was also working, so I’m qualified—and am doing well on current assignments. But as for interviews, tweaking may be needed: I’m more Blithe than Badass.
I’ve never followed feminism’s path; ‘couldn’t reconcile the logical end. Plus, I’ve seen first-hand what can happen when a woman practices manly behavior; and it’s not pretty. (Pardon the pun.) A life consistently forced outside of its Design requires overcompensation, making for what I experienced as an eerie, abusive severity.
My daughter shared an article that made the case for feminism having catastrophic results on society. Erin Pizzey was verbally and physically abused by *both* of her parents. She writes, “Feminism, I realized, was a lie. Women and men are both capable of extraordinary cruelty. … The movement, which proclaimed that all men are potential rapists and batterers, was based on a lie that, if allowed to flourish, would result in the complete destruction of family life.”  —– I’ve seen this—up close. I’m not goin’ there.
So as I venture forth, I’m praying for balance. Heaven forbid I should backslide from the holy woman I’ve been called to be—just to pay a few bills. This balancing act is somewhat of a tightrope. It’s a good thing I’m wearing flats.


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2 Responses to Feminism, Shmemm-inism

  1. So sorry for the bad news 😦 but I pray you don’t backslide from the holy woman that you are, because you are such an inspiration to me & to so many others. I hate the advice I’ve received about the necessity to “conform” to the world’s expectations if I’m ever going to get a job. I have to live with myself, after all. My desire to please the Lord far outweighs any desire to “fit” in the world. Stay true to yourself. God uses everything for our growth & His glory, so go for that balance, and trust that He will sustain you. Because He will. It’s a promise 🙂

  2. That wasn’t the right job for you, or you would have landed it. Keep plugging away… the good Lord will provide just the right one for you! I speak from experience. God bless you, my friend. 🙂

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