Predicament’s Purpose

= – =
Amidst all the trouble, crisis, or pain,
We frequently wonder, “What’s to be gained?”
Can we understand with our finite brains?
Yes: predicament’s purpose is really quite plain.
= – =
We’ve all suffered things—‘need not say it twice:
Any would agree—life’s problems aren’t nice!
But, Friends, this ditty will limit my advice
To blessed believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.
= – =
If you’re tired or melancholy—on your last leg—
Be inspired by this message from Alistair Begg:
No reason our mind and heart be a wreck,
For God uses suffering to keep us in check.
= – =
Consider it all joy, in various trials:
They teach us endurance along every mile.
God is growing you, so you may as well smile:
Maturity and a crown will make it worthwhile.
= – =
Although situations seem chaotic and wild,
He scourges and disciplines. He doesn’t “do” mild!
His plan is to make you pure, holy, undefiled;
All of this proves to you—you are His child.
= – =
It’s also to test you, in small trials and great,
To see if you’re patient—to see if you’ll wait.
Like Jews in the desert, or Abraham’s fate,
He’s proving whether you have genuine faith.
= – =
And He’s bringing humility. That’s quite a feat!
For stiff-necked ones full of pride and conceit.
Even Paul had a thorn (though not in his feet),
To guard his ego, at his honored apostle’s seat.
= – =
Whenever you’re worried—your future seems black—
Remember, God designed it to keep you on track.
Let’s face it: some of us need a good whack!
King David knew trouble was… what brought him back.
= – =
This next one, to some, may seem a bit odd,
But trials can deepen our insight into God.
In the book of Hosea, we learn of great fraud,
Harlotry, abandonment, transgression abroad.
= – =
Trouble or loss, or hunger here and there,
Can actually teach us the right way to care.
The God of all comfort knows exactly where
To take us—to eject us from our easy chair!
= – =
When life has us fretting, or worried, or lost,
The things we truly love… come clearly across.
The Lord showed His love when He died on the cross,
So we shouldn’t love our lives; that’s gonna cost.
= – =
Finally, head-scratchers, still wondering why,
Predicament’s purpose is found in our cry!
It brings God glory, when on Him we rely:
He means it for good! And He still reigns on high!
= – =

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One Response to Predicament’s Purpose

  1. So encouraging. Thank you!

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