Conspiracy Crazy

= – =
Do you fear conspiracy? Just look up the page:
You’ll soon discover the latest new rage:
Whether World War 3 is starting real soon,
Or a story that no one landed on the moon.
= – =
There’s no end to the onslaught of sound bites and news,
And each one parlayed by numerous views.
Even more confusing, as we work our way through,
Is that some of this stuff is actually true!
= – =
They’re closing the church, and opening the border;
And setting the stage for the New World Order.
Golf dates and scandals with Congress in session,
Orchestrating socialism out of recession.
= – =
But from national headlines, to sports and celebs,
I don’t believe all that I read on the Web.
In fact, it’s prudent not to heed all these minions:
‘Dangerous to the mind, in my humble opinion.
= – =
Weapons testing, surveillance, lost email threads,
Could scare us to craziness, quaking in bed.
Rather than worry about being kidnapped or hacked,
I prefer to rest easy: the Lord’s got my back.
= – =
I’m cautious, mind you, but do not take for granted,
That nut-jobs will ever gain control of the planet.
Whether crime, or war, or famine in the land,
It brings peace to know that God’s in command.
= – =
Outside of His control, not a thing has been done:
Not Pearl Harbor, Oklahoma, or even 9-1-1.
The Media adds its spin—a new version every day—
For instance, count the stories about J. F. K.!
= – =
A possibly fatal virus when somebody sneezes?
Fluoridation creating man-made diseases?
As for me, folks, there’s really no way
I would ever put my trust in the F.D.A.
= – =
And what’s this about Aliens? Seriously?
Tax dollars being spent to search for E. T.?
Global warming? Really? Is the world in a spiral?
Believing it’s true because it went viral?
= – =
Reading this stuff could make your heart stop—
Like genetically modified livestock and crops.
Our poultry and milk, with hormones galore:
They add stuff to food to make us want more!
= – =
I’ve curbed my appetite, after hearing the fuss
About artificial sweeteners poisoning us:
Aspartame, Stevia, Maltitol, Splenda:
Could they be part of a bigger agenda?
= – =
Spread rumors all you want, but I will not fear.
I quake for nobody; only God I revere.
And if I get kidnapped, they’ll drag me out, kickin’:
Can I be Free Range— without being chicken?
= – =

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2 Responses to Conspiracy Crazy

  1. b says:

    Good to be reminded that God is working all things out in accordance with the counsel of His own will…Eph:1:11 what a comfort to know we can rely on God.

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