1 Hour / 20 Blessings

On my way to a new and unknown job adventure, I decided to note this morning’s blessings. This was worthwhile; I’m going to do it more often!
• Philippians 2
• Hubby noticed I’d forgotten my yogurt
• Morning country drive, with nestled pockets of fog
• **My** music
• Bus-stop mommies kissing their kids bye-bye
• Autumn leaves of color
• A sign that said “Resiliency Fair”
• A street called Sunshine
• Commercial van drove by: a reminder I’m no longer at that icky place
• Tobymac “All In (Letting Go)”
• I didn’t end up having to parallel park
• The spoon from that forgotten yogurt came in handy at lunch
• Morning walk with birdies singing above
• Day-job offer from favorite employer (but I’m already on assignment)
• Got to postpone a dental appointment
• Badge lanyard is my favorite color
• Girl in front of me in training class had hair just like my daughter’s
• Coworkers Cynthia, Debbie, and Sherrill
• The training rooms are named after our state’s rivers
• My job title is Agent!

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