“A Whole New World”

My current temp job, at a call center, has me in “A Whole New World” (happy nod to Disney’s “Aladdin,” featuring the ever-loved Robin Williams).

This job is a world from which I’d been insulated. The personnel and schedule change daily, and there is little interaction except via computer. (Wait a minute, this is vaguely familiar: Oh, yeah, I parented teenagers. Ha!)

The building is demised into hundreds of mini cubicle/desks, the floor a flurry with variety of ages, personalities, and backgrounds. I’d say I’m learning how “the other half lives,” but it’s becoming clear to me that this economy has produced a wider sphere than the “haves” and the “have-nots” (spiritual allegory aside). Each of these dear people comes with a unique set of circumstances that led to this volatile place in their lives—me being no exception.

It’s humbling.

The Lord uses interesting methods to get through to us when we need it, doesn’t He? …Whittling away at the rough edges, keeping our egos in check. I can tell you from personal experience (and observation of other choice cherries): without God’s constant character molding, any of us can so-quickly inflate into petty prima donnas and macho meatheads.

Interestingly, this experience is also unraveling for me another mystery: an enigmatic segment of society called missionaries. Every day this week, I’ve felt as though immersed into a foreign field. I may have completely forgotten what it feels like to be a light shining into the darkness—had I not stepped out of my holy huddle.

Well, I’m not entirely sure this blog post is making much sense. The important thing is that a portal has been opened. I pray that each of us, periodically, would experience the blessing of being thrust out of our comfort zone into a whole new world. Sure, in our old nature we may very well start out grousing a bit–maybe even kicking and screaming (e.g. Jonah). But, after a bit of time, it starts to gel.  And if we will only stop grieving the Holy Spirit, and let Him have a crack away at us, it’s nothing short of amazing what God can do.

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