My dear friend and brother
Gave the gospel to others;
This makes me wince:
They haven’t been back since.

Associates of theirs
We see here and there;
But nothing is said:
It’s like we are dead.

Another person I knew
Could see sin begin to brew;
She spoke up about a church,
And it went from bad to worse.

When John went to Herod
About exploits so lurid,
Speaking of Christ (now risen),
He got thrown into prison.

And don’t get me started
On Joseph—meanly carted—
By jealous ruffians
He thought were loved ones.

In all this hate and shunning,
Villainy and cunning,
Abuse of authority,
Treating people like property,

Little fish acting like sharks,
Leaving bloody marks:
Joseph, again, comes to mind:
Though abused, he was kind.

Becoming a better man,
Diving into God’s plan.
So if you’re brushed aside,
Be like Joseph—and ABIDE.

If you’re the one rejected—
Sometimes feel dejected—
Remember, you’re the wiser.
Pray for the victimizer.

In this world it may seem odd,
But keep in the love of God.
Find a memory of good cheer;
Don’t burn the souvenir.

My reminder here today:
God is not going away.
It’s not the end of your rope;
There…Is… Always… Hope.

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