Context, Context, Context

= – =
In Luke Chapter 8,
Verses 4 through 18,
There’s something there—
That I hadn’t seen.
= – =
When left in the context,
With all the Lord said,
It’s more than two stories:
It’s just one, instead.
= – =
When coming to the Bible
With somebody’s version,
We bring man’s opinion—
That’s really perversion.
= – =
“Parable of the Sower”
Is an inserted, man-made stamp;
And also the bold phrase,
“Parable of the Lamp.”
= – =
In Sunday School we’re taught
To read these as two:
“Sow the seed… shine the light,”
That sounds great! So we do.
= – =
Now, don’t get me wrong:
Jesus said that, alright;
But in dividing up lessons,
Does the gist miss our sight?
= – =
I submit to you, Friends,
The Lord’s goal wasn’t merely
To say, “Sow the seed,
And shine your lamp clearly.”
= – =
He’s explaining that God,
Ever knocking on the door,
Gives truth to the hungry;
That’s what parables are for.
= – =
A parable is His way
To reach those who have “ears.”
If the heart is transformed,
God will say, “let him hear.”
= – =
To some, truth is given;
To others, a stony heart:
When God explains mysteries,
Some remain in the dark.
= – =
But when His followers asked,
“What does this imply?”
With love and compassion,
He took time to reply.
= – =
And He uses a lampstand
To lovingly preach
That He’s not about hiding things,
But to openly teach.
= – =
Some say that this section
Is about how we share,
But it’s about how we hear;
Study it out it if you dare.
= – =
Examine your heart:
Is it thorny? Or stone?
Or are you now hearing
What some haven’t known?
= – =
God says that He gives us
Seeds of truth every day;
But if we refuse to heed them,
He’ll take them away.
= – =
So… Why God uses parables
Can easily be seen,
If we carefully study
Verses 4 through 18.
= – =
“Take care how you listen,”
To any presentation:
Context is important
To any interpretation.
= – =
But I submit nonetheless,
These two parables are one.
There’s more to be said here,
But this soapbox is done.
= – =

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