Everybody dies.

Everybody dies.

That being said… Today, I’m writing to Christians—specifically.

We all die, but—[Hallelujah!]—for Christians, “we have a building from God.”

Naked we came into this world. N. A. K. E. D. Naked. …. Naked.

Thankfully, the Lord, year by year, is putting clothes on us. And His Spirit guarantees He’ll keep doing it.

Heaven forbid (literally) we think we’d traipse into Glory in filthy rags. ‘Better to be naked. But by that point…. we’re not. We can do our little things, thinking we’re putting on something worthy—but it’s a repetitively stained, ragged conglomeration—unfit for heaven.

The covering that fits the bill is from the Builder; nothing else will do. Matthew Henry wrote, “…the stones of that spiritual building and temple above are squared and fashioned here below… no hand less than the hand of God can work us for this thing.”

Reminder, today’s post is for those who have faith in the Savior.
“Therefore we make it our aim, whether present or absent, to be well pleasing to Him. For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ…”

In Him, we are new creations. On this journey, our nakedness starts getting covered—by God. It’s a life of humble shamefacedness, forgiven; proud, blind spots, enlightened; secret, self-serving motives fleshed out; sorrowful trials resulting in repentance; and proper perspective in the world—teaching us how NOT to behave toward others.

God uses interesting methods to make “what is mortal … be swallowed up by life.” And the Spirit’s guarantee spurs us on. Another thought from M.H.: “…that, when Christ shall appear terribly, they may appear before him comfortably.”

Everybody dies. … May we grow more and more diligent, in desiring and living to please the One with whom we have to do.

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One Response to Everybody dies.

  1. Deep thoughts. Good thoughts. WONDERFUL thoughts!

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