God Senses

= – =

God KNOWS every word

That you’ve ever said;

He knows every thought

That crosses your head.

= – =

He SEES where you go

When you’re frustrated;

He knows your appetites

And how they’re sated.

= – =

He HEARS your cursing

When life is drastic;

And your remarks to others,

Rude or sarcastic.

= – =

He SMELLS the truth

When you spout lies,

And His powerful Word

Cuts you down to size.

= – =

He TASTED the death

That you deserve,

You—flirting with sin—

Have got the nerve.

= – =

He can TOUCH your life

And change it around

If you’ll see you’re lost

And must be found.

= – =

God LIVES and reigns:

His name will be blessed.

So why not be one of

His dearest and best?

= – =

REPENT and be saved;

Believe in His Son.

[He already knows you:

That part is done!]

= – =

If you don’t like this poem,

You want it round-filed,

Your heart’s likely hardened;

Please be reconciled!

= – =

WALK with the Lord;

Be changed from within.

There’s hope after life

If you’ll only begin.

= – =

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One Response to God Senses

  1. WOW!!! I LOVE this!!! ♥

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