Behaving Like Humans

Today was one for The Books:

At work, three of us made independent errors. Each took a click to commit, but longer to correct. YAY, mine was first—and the most bodacious. And for extra fun, it was my first half-day: having worked 40 hours, I couldn’t stay to help with the digging.

Enter: The Brain–a coiled-up, jumbled Blog—I mean Blob—poised and ready to insert shame, emotion, and fear.

And why not? I could write a book [Oh! I did!] about individuals who’ve held a single (perceived) foible against me. (FYI, the etymology of “holding against” is robber holding a gun against a bank guard’s head, threatening to pull the trigger.)

But today was one for The Books:

Instead of threats, I got encouragement: —– “It happens.” … “We’ve done the same thing.”

Instead of offense, there was understanding: —– “It’s the best way to learn.”

Instead of anger, forgiveness: —– “The problem is resolved… no bearing… very pleased with your work overall.”

Wow. Did I say it? One for The Books.

If you’ve followed my Blog very long, you know that these professionals have behaved with more humanity—more humility—and more GRACE—than some church-“profess-ers.” The adage holds true: some “christians” really *do* shoot their own wounded.

My former office manager, as well as my former church members, did not admit error on their part; they did not make effort to understand; they did not forgive. Unlike the class acts I work with today, none of these pompous religiosities sought the rest of the story, working out a solution. Instead, they attack, vilify, and shun.

Luke 19: “They all began to grumble, saying, “He has gone to be the guest of a man who is a sinner.” [Little brains can’t anticipate wonderful possibilities.]

Today, I shed a couple of tears; but these were different: tears you’re glad for; tears that cease quickly; tears that flow in thankfulness, eliciting a commitment to excellence.

We can learn a lot from our own mistakes—if they’re not held against us… with a threat to pull the trigger.

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2 Responses to Behaving Like Humans

  1. Once again I will try to comment on what you wrote. It seems WordPress cannot allow me to connect to your blog. With that said: “What did you say?” #1 How do you take a click to commit?
    #2. I am glad that you are working in a better environment! And from here, all the way from Texas, I encourage you to do good at whatever you are doing. (Without a gun to your head!)
    You are truly ‘the Best’

    • elsiephoebe says:

      By “a click to commit,” I meant one computer click resulted in SNAFU that took longer to fix. Thanks for the encouragement, Larry. I truly is excellent to work with people who “behave like humans.” Best to you as well~

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