Psalm 27 ~ Laura’s Version

In God I see things rightly,

And I know He’ll take care of me.

I have no reason to be worried about stuff.

God promised to defend me,

So there’s no one I should be afraid of.

When those creepy people lied about me,

When that horrid woman shot me down

(People who don’t care about me at all),

They were the ones who really lost out.

Even if I should lose my job,

Or if I fail at anything else that I do,

I won’t have a hissy fit about it.

Even in the worst-case scenario,

In spite of it I have confidence!

The only thing I want from God

Is that I can walk with Him every day,

Recognize He’s amazing,

Study about Him, and pray to Him.

Because when bad things happen,

He’ll hide me in His secret place.

He’ll help me to stand up.

I’ll stand taller than those who disdain me,

And I’ll examine my heart and try to please Him

And be happy in the process.

And I’ll sing.

Yes, I’ll sing again.

He deserves it!

O Lord, please hear me when I plead,

Give me grace and answer my prayers.

When you told me to pray,

I thought, “Yes; I need to keep doing that.”

Please don’t be separate from me, Lord.

Don’t turn me away because of my issues.

You’ve helped me so far,

Please hang in there with me.

O, God, I’m so glad You are saving me!

Plenty of those formerly close to me have dropped me,

But God won’t.

Show me what you want me to do, Lord.

Keep me in line

Because people have misrepresented me.

Don’t let them get the best of me, God,

Even though they Twitter veiled threats.

If I didn’t know You through all this,

I’d have gone into severe depression

While here on earth.

Wait for God!

Buck up! Be brave!

Yeah-buddy, wait for Him!

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4 Responses to Psalm 27 ~ Laura’s Version

  1. b says:

    Perfect! Really enjoyed the personal touch.

  2. Bravo. Bravo! You just keep out-doing your self.
    You Bless ME!

  3. When you get time look at Facebook- Allieoop183 and see how God has blessed me!

  4. elsiephoebe says:

    I tried it, Larry. Is there a typo in your FB ID above?

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