Balancing Act

About a week ago, I sat down to write this post.

… A lot can happen in a week.

… But we rise.

Such occasional balancing acts are quite similar to brim-filled cup of hot coffee: the potentially scalding liquid so tightly engages our focus, that that we might take our eyes off of the destination. The next thing you know, a short crossing has flashed by in a flurry—and we’ve nailed our bony shin on the breakfast nook.


This particular week was one for the books. Here, in the small sphere called my life, the days were wrought with human tragedy, work challenges, and ministry to the suffering.

It was only Monday, and I could already foresee: without careful steps, that 8-ounce “Cuppa” would be a royal spill—burning all the way down.

But God. ( ‘Best two words—EVER!)

Great is His faithfulness.

His Sovereignty, amazingly, provided someone to be where I could not be, to do what I could not do. The Faithful King, right out of the gate, created beauty from ashes.

As the week progressed, I stood wide-eyed at Providence of strength for the work: a skeleton crew (half, trainees) actually meeting deadlines? Seriously: that’s nothing short of supernatural.

I was reeling.

But, coffee cup in hand, I wobbled forward.

Flabbergasted, I ran into another front: plain and simple, it was evil to core. It wrenched my insides. And there was indignation. >_<

But God.

His Word prevailed; His wisdom merged victorious: we are more than conquerors.

Through this landmark week, each scenario created a wake: a ripple of waves I must bound into and over. And it’s not over: there are more tasks to accomplish, hearts to heal, and—very likely—unexpected surprises.

But, for my part, I’m choosing to believe it was a hump—and we’re over it. It was a trek alright, but I can tell, we’re managing our way to the other side of the kitchen.

‘Carefully, we set down the cup coffee.

And we take a deep breath.

No mopping required. And the coffee, by now, is a few degrees cooler.

And I only sustained a minor flesh-wound.

……….. But wait: there’s more!

Amidst the ashes, in the trenches, and above the Darkness, the Lord girded me with hope. Who would have thought, a week ago, that we would round out the week with celebration?

Wow. ….. A party.

My Goodness.

… My cup runneth over.

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2 Responses to Balancing Act

  1. WELLLLL. . . . . I never worry about you, because like a cat; ‘you always land on your feet’!

  2. Sounds like my week, almost every other week! Praising God along with you for His intervention, mercy, grace & strength – every step along the way. Our God IS An Awesome God!!! 🙂

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