= – =

This romantic comedy

I call Life,

Has an interesting title:

“Mother and Wife.”

= – =

In our suburban home,

We stayed alive:

We were happy and busy:

A cast of five:

= – =

The dad who was silly—

Bama, too,

Two amazing daughters,

And you know who.

= – =

We’ve been through the phases

Just like Rom-Com:

Not liking each other at first—

But I’m the mom.

= – =

We’ve weathered many trials

And walked in the rain

While a selection of pop songs

Cushioned the pain.

= – =

More characters were added,

A wonderful son,

And now they have children:

A daughter, and a bun.

= – =

Today our home-cast is smaller

Mostly Hubby and I:

Bama turns in early;

Daughter’s on the fly.

= – =

In a Rom-Com, this is the split up:

What will we do?

Will there be a happy ending?

Who will come through?

= – =

We always know the answer:

Hallmark succeeds.

And since God is our Writer,

He’ll meet our needs.

= – =

We still do crazy things

To show we care

And our movie has Christmases

And dogs here and there.

= – =

So I’ll take my Rom-Com,

Though lacking drama;

And I’m hashing out a sequel called

“Working Momma.”

= – =

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