God Made Girls.

= – =

God is Good:

He made the world;

And to top it off,

God made Girls!

= – =

Goo’s and Giggles

Soon will give way,

To Glitter and Grammar,

And a **lot** to say!

= – =

Then Goofy Goobers

In middle school

Run from Gangly Geeks—

(SO not cool.)

= – =

Gaggles of Girlfriends

Sleepovers Galore,

Gregarious Games,

Phones, and S’Mores.

= – =

Then Growing up,

Getting in Gear,

For the Gorgeous Grads

We shed a tear.

= – =

And then she is Glad

For the Gift of Grace:

Guidance and Grounding

Guard in the race.

= – =

Grumpy Grousing

Becomes Gratitude and Goals,

Graciousness and Goodness—

The Girl is now whole.

= – =

Then she Gets Giddy,

Gaga for a Guy,

And Goes and Gets married:

And Dad and Mom cry.

= – =

As a wife she’s a Gift

Giving help and love,

And more boys and Girls

From God above.

= – =

Governance and Grace,

And knowledge she wields,

Guidance and Goodies,

And a Garden’s yield.

= – =

Then Mom becomes Grandma

(Another “God” thing):

Running the Gamut,

Gran’ can do anything!

= – =

Now, Get time with Granny,

Her wrinkles will show it:

She’ll be Gone to Glory

Before you know it.

= – =

Yes, God is Good:

He made the world;

And to top it off,

God made Girls.

= – =

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