Leave A Mark

I confess—it was some time after our Holiday guests had departed.

The glimmering little offering seems to have been left by our 18-year-old grandson; but several of the family had rotated through that room. (Thanks, whoever you are!)

Discreetly tucked beside the lamp base, a small object caught the light. “What is that?” …. Cursory examination dispelled any commercial value; it was a piece of glass.

In my holiday flurry, I set it aside.

Over the next month, this shiny bobble made its way to my dresser; then to my collection of agates; finally, it has now found a home at my desk.

And here it is. … ‘Looks like my next of kin left a mark.

“It’s never too late for a thank you note,” the pesky angel on my shoulder pokes.

“But what if they want it back?” The little demon chimes in.

After six weeks of this thing popping up here and there, I finally see it: my relative left me a gift; a token; a mark.

And, yes: wherever we go, each of us leaves a mark.

It can be a good one, or bad, but—yeah.

Currently, I’m working as a Temp—the same assignment 15 months so far. But this, too, shall pass. It will end: after they cut me loose, what will my co-workers remember? Was I negative? Or cheerful? Self-motivated? Or helpful?

Not to be morbid, but let’s face it: we’re all on temporary assignment. Are we making a mark? What kind? Will our memory be like the shiny gift, quietly discovered in others’ nighttime memories? Will they stir those thoughts so as to cultivate them? Or will they be more inclined, when the things we said and did wiggle from their recesses, to desperately quell them like stubborn, greasy scuffmarks?

Good or bad, we leave a mark.

Yesterday, a good friend of mine was “Diagnosed.” This is hard news. But it’s tempered news: there is no question she’s already made her mark. Over nine arduous decades, God has refined her to a brilliant shine. She is loving and lovely; careful but caring; firm but friendly; and—I say confidently—selfless.

She’s shiny.

Thoughts of her attitudes and actions already bring a smile to my face.

I want to be like that.

I want to be shiny.

[Lord, make me shiny!]

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One Response to Leave A Mark

  1. ParksRemarks says:

    What a wonderful blog! I forgot how much I miss your witty, insightful, inspiring, shiny blogs. Yes to shiny! “Let your light so shine among men that they may glorify our Father…” I want thoughts and memories of me to be shiny, but so much more I want them to cause people to glorify God. He is the ultimate in being shiny.

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