“How Deep is Your Love?”

“How Deep is Your Love”: The Bee Gees. …. A pretty tune. But it begs the question. How deep **is** our love? None of us has love as deep as the Lord’s, that’s for sure. I, myself, am blessed with people I love a whole bunch! This helps me get a glimpse of how God feels. (I like that, by the way.) But I’ve seen myself up close. My best love is a mere speck—especially compared to God’s love, which is beyond measure.

I was faced with this grim self-reality the other day. One of my relatives is dear to me, but lately she’s been parroting political propaganda. Without thinking, out slipped my thoroughly rotten statement: “If you keep talking about this stuff, you’re going to make me not want to visit with you.”

I was pierced by my own words. You see, I am being pro actively shunned by people who don’t want to hear me. Would I mimic such devilish behavior? No way! “Love covers a multitude of sins.”

So, here’s where I landed: God, too, is often grieved by our “propaganda.” But He wants to keep visiting—because He loves us so much “that He gave His only begotten Son.” [Oh, Lord! How Deep is Your Love!] And a beautiful reminder, God’s love for the church is pictured in marriage: for better or for worse.
In an article called “What God Thinks About You”, John Rinehart cites many, many Scripture verses to help us see just that. It’s a good read, and worth a bookmark: http://www.desiringgod.org/articles/what-god-thinks-about-you What God thinks about the Christian is most comforting: He tells us we have value, makes us new, gives us His Spirit, transforms us, and allows us to represent Him. He hangs in there with us for the long haul, helping us to overcome the propaganda. “If God is for us, who is against us?”

How Deep is His Love!

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