The Snub


Pass in the lobby—

They are nothing to you—

Pretend not to see them:

Yeah, that will do.


Sh-h-h! They’re so needy,

Don’t crack a smile:

(Give them an inch,

They’ll take a mile!)


So Just ignore her;

Snub him as well.

Diss all the losers

(Who could they tell?)


Not actual disdain,

Or rejection, you find:

‘Just want your peeps

When it’s time to unwind.


Too much to ask?

What’s the big deal?

Why should you care

How those misfits feel?




I’ll tell you why, Friend:

There’s coming a Day

When how we behaved

Will be on display.


That lady you slighted—

That kid you thought odd—

Is very important

To the Almighty God.


For He loves the slighted,

The needy, the plain;

Promising penalty

To all who cause pain.


Consider, a moment,

The miniscule cost

Of a smile or a nod:

What could be lost?


Position in a click?

The favor of a few?

Respect from a shallow,

Petty, motley crew?


Please think about this—

Better sooner than later—

Such acts of the self

Offend your Creator.


Be more like the Savior,

Gracious and kind,

A Friend to the friendless,

Forgotten, and maligned.


There’s forgiveness for you,

If you come to the Lord,

Repentant, agreeing

To learn from His Word.


The first thing to learn is,

“Love God with all your heart;

And the second, “Love others”:

What a place to start!


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