1 John

= – =

What we’ve seen and heard—

The Word of Life from the Father—

We proclaim to you, too,

So we can be brothers.

= – =

God is Light, and in Him is no darkness;

So, if you walk in darkness,

He is not with you.

Walk in truth.

If we walk in Light, we are community;

The blood of the Savior brings us unity.

We admit we have sin,

And are forgiven!

= – =

And if someone does sin,

There’s an Advocate on his behalf:

Jesus Christ the righteous,

The One who can atone—and has!

= – =

If someone disregards God’s teaching,

But tells you he’s a Christian,

He’s out of choir;

That man’s a liar.

But if the Word of God is truly valued,

God’s love in him is truly valid:

The person’s walk

Should match his talk.

= – =

‘Same goes for hateful people:

They remain in the dark.

But within those that love their brothers,

The Light begins to spark!

= – =

I write you, little ones, for you are forgiven,

Fathers, for you knew from the beginning,

Young men who’ve overcome,

And children who know Him.

Do not love the world in lust or pride:

A life like that does not abide.

That’s not from the Lord:

You can outlive the world!

= – =

We are in the very Last Days;

Pretenders have come and gone,

The antichrist is on the way;

They’ve been lying all along.

= – =

But you were chosen by the Holy One.

Though liars deny Jesus, God’s only Son,

You believe what you heard:

So continue in the Word.

He promised that we will live forever:

Don’t be deceived by even the clever.

He lives inside us:

No one can lie to us.

= – =

Now, children, continue in Him:

Practice righteousness; stay on track.

So you won’t shrink in shame,

Someday, when He comes back.

= – =

The Father’s love is so extraordinary,

He calls us children—far from ordinary.

The world doesn’t get us;

They haven’t even met us.

We’re being made into something new—

Like God—therefore, remain pure.

Sin is lawless,

But Jesus is flawless!

= – =

Those truly abiding aren’t in sin,

But the disobedient don’t know Christ.

Don’t be deceived, the devil comes in,

But Jesus won—at a very high price!

= – =

Sin can’t continue if God lives in a heart.

That’s how we can tell the children apart:

Children of the devil stray,

But God’s children obey.

The message is the same, since time began:

Unlike Cain, we’re to love our fellow man.

Those led by evil are vile.

Better to be loving—and smile!

= – =

Don’t be surprised if the world hates you:

There is supernatural love in the church.

Love is proof of passing from death to life,

But hate is proof they’re not of God’s church!

= – =

Jesus died for us—a love that is true.

He sacrificed for others; and we should, too.

We should love in action:

Put away selfish factions.

If our heart condemns us, God is greater.

If we have confidence, that’s even better.

Pray, and He’ll say, “Yes,”

Because we do what He says.

= – =

God’s command is to believe

In Jesus Christ, His Son,

And to love one another,

And follow Him.

= – =

Don’t believe everyone, just to belong:

If they don’t confess Christ, they’re dead wrong.

You’ve overcome them for sure;

Greater is God—who is in you.

They are worldly, so the world listens to them.

But those who know God, they listen to Him.

The world refuses the truth,

Which helps us know what’s true!

= – =

Love one another,

For love is from God.

Only those who sincerely love

Are the born of God.

= – =

He showed us His love by sending His Son

That we might have life through Him.

He loved us enough to die for others,

We, too, should love one another.

No one’s seen God, but love is quite near it.

We know we abide, for He gave us His Spirit.

If one’s in Christ, God’s in that life;

And he who loves has eternal life.

We can have confidence in the Day of Judgment,

If we love, we don’t fear punishment.

We only love because Christ did first:

But as for the haters, judgment is sure.

= – =

Whoever believes that Jesus is

The Savior, is born of God.

And whoever loves the Father

Also loves the children of God.

= – =

This is the proof we love each other:

When living God’s Word toward one another.

It’s no burden to live this way,

Overcoming in victory!

Who is the one who overcomes?

He who believes in Jesus the Son,

Who by water and blood came,

And the Spirit speaks His name.

= – =

Who do we believe:

God or men?

Since God said He sent Jesus,

We say, “Yes, and Amen!”

= – =

If someone does not believe Jesus is the Way,

He’s calling God a liar. (How NOT to pray!)

Have the Son, have the life;

Don’t have Christ, don’t have life.

I write these things to you who believe,

To assure you that heaven you’ll receive.

Pray, and God will hear:

He’ll answer; have no fear.

= – =

Watch out for each other,

So you will keep in line:

Pray for the stumbling;

God will work in His time.

= – =

Genuine Christians aren’t prone to evil,

For the Savior keeps us from the devil.

While the world is under Satan’s sway,

We have understanding in these Last Days.

We know Him who is true, and are in Him as well,

The true God and eternal life, in whom goodness dwells.

Walk separately from the world;

Keep from idols, trust the Lord.

= – =

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