Dead Water

Water: no need for “survival class” to tell us—we need the stuff! And we’ll do whatever it takes to get it. Historically, mankind relied on carefully-placed vessels, or wells dug deep in the desert. Unlike the convenience of our current day, they labored daily to retrieve this essential.

In some cases, the water would grow still, standing, or stagnant. They had a word for it, it was known as “dead water.” When I learned this slang was used at the time the Lord walked on earth, it made perfect sense: it was no accident, then, that Jesus offered the Woman at the Well exactly what was needed: living water! Oh, how we need the living water!

But isn’t this one of life’s ultimate ironies? Here we are, basically nomads ourselves, wandering from cistern to cistern—often bypassing the fresh, glistening Stream—and settling for a swig of the stagnant. We know the Living Water is the Source of all good, but in this dry desert of life there are evil shenanigans afoot—distracting us with deep wells full of dead water: indulgences, self-confidence, popularity, you name it.

The woman said, “Sir, give me this water, so that I will not get thirsty…”  Oh, yeah, now that she’d heard about this “living water,” she wanted some! Someone taught this section of Scripture, explaining how there’s a process of drawing this Water: first, she had to realize her need for it; second, she had to ask for it; and finally, the Lord had to give it. I wonder—as we dip into stale cisterns—do we even realize how thirsty we are?

Our Amazing Creator is “for us”—ready to unleash, not just a drop in the bucket, but Oceans!

Oceans of Grace!

His heart is dripping with generosity.

His Spirit is teeming with tenderness.

His love is a broad, breast-stroke that purposed life, death, and life again.

His forgiveness has a breadth as far as east is from west.

His abundance has depth that is always more than enough.

His presence is profusely plentiful and powerful.

So then! Having been benevolently endowed with bountiful blessings and gracious gifts beyond measure, how about a few less stops for dead water?

Such folly is unworthy of comparison to the joy of splashing in what He has placed at our disposal: Oceans of Living Water!

“… let us run with endurance… fixing our eyes on Jesus… seeking the things above, where Christ is…”

….. It’s an ocean. ….. Dive in!

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One Response to Dead Water

  1. Lily says:

    Wow, I love this. 😀

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