“10% Happier”

After he suffered a panic attack on national television, journalist Dan Harris made a change. No, I haven’t read his book on meditation, 10% Happier, but it resonated with me after viewing a documentary on minimalism.

“Ten percent happier”: I like that. For me, lately, that’s a margin out of the danger zone.

After a string of situational changes in recent years, I’m quite behind the eight ball in properly filling the voids: “But My people did not listen to My voice…“So I gave them over to the stubbornness of their heart, To walk in their own devices.”

It took a severe blow, recently, to wake me up! Writing right now, I can hear Jon Voight playing Patrick Gates in “National Treasure”, warning of what can happen if we don’t change the status quo!

So, thus far in 2017 I’m in a new mode: a pro active approach. This means provisions for my weakness, planning, enrolling, engaging, studying, and—most importantly—shaking up the stinkin’ thinkin’ that plays on an endless loop.

I told somebody recently I’m coming out of a “dark period.” I do believe this is true. [Praise God for that. Amen, may it be so!] But for continued forward movement, I’m going to have a real fight on my hands against resuming auto-pilot mode. Thankfully, I’ve never shied away from organization and a little hard work. With the help of God, and “with a little help from my friends,” I’m going to keep shaking things up!

Happy New Year!


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