= – = – =

It had been awhile since we’d had otherworldly food:

We were fallow, and spiritually broke.

So the devil sent a guy—with good things to say:

An attractive, amiable bloke!

= – = – =

We forgot Jesus’ warning about yeast in the bread,

How it permeates, incites, and ferments,

And these “good things to say” caused a real stirring up!

(But what this guy said was not what he meant.)

= – = – =

All this started to brew, till we were all quite puffed up:

…It rose… and it rose… and it rose.

A self-focused teacher managed to worm in his lies;

This is how indoctrination grows.

= – = – =

So where did this leave us, when we finally saw

That the yeast had risen to a froth?

Overgrown and reeking, arrogant, and bloated,

Misled by a “man of the cloth.”

= – = – =

So the next time we’re hungry for spiritual truth,

We’ll remember what Jesus said:

Guard who we listen to (we learned the hard way):

Like yeast, false doctrine spreads!

= – = – =









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