A Psalm of Lament


A Cry to God


I’m not very fancy at praying

(But that’s no secret to You)!

Often, Your Spirit’s groanings

Are about all that I can do.


So maybe if I write it out,

In the early morning calm,

My prayer will be more clear—

In this heartfelt, humble psalm.


My Hardship


My prayer to You, today, Lord,

Comes from a broken heart:

Losing people has always hurt

Repeatedly—from the start.


First Dad, then Sam, then

Friends and relatives slipped away,

And, of course, that awful church split

Was a devastating day.


Now Mom, Crystal, and Jane,

And also the kids and grandkids:

I see I’d idolized these people:

They were my purpose, I admit.


I know Your otherworldly peace,

But just like in the Garden,

I’ve disobeyed Your commands;

I desperately need Your pardon!


Confession of Trust


No one else can give me hope

But Jesus, My Savior, alone,

Who took on death for my sins:

Each one of them atoned.


Lord, You can do anything at all,

In your great love everlasting;

You’re every single place I go,

And you know every single thing.


Nothing escapes Your awesome control,

Yet You’re perfect, holy, and set apart;

And You’ve never told a single lie,

And you have a gracious, merciful heart.


You never—never—ever change:

I can take Your promises to the bank;

You have blessed me in many things,

And for these, Lord, I give thanks.



Petition for Deliverance


I still have David and lots of friends,

And I’m serving in new places;

But I ask for faith in the meantime,

While I miss these loved ones faces.


I know full well, Dear Father,

I have no reason to complain:

Help me keep Your Word daily:

Draw me close—again and again!


Remind me of my hope in my Savior,

As here on earth, for heaven I wait;

And any friends who are there with You?

Please have them greet me at the Gate!



Praise for Answering


I praise You, Awesome Creator,

Of all my loved ones and me.

You’ve already provided peace—

Your perfect love I can feel and see.


You’ve given to me Spiritual fruit:

Kindness, love, joy, and peace;

Now I ask for some self-control?

And a dose of patience, please!


I have a happy, worshipful feeling

That You’re hearing me today;

And, Lord, I’m so very thankful—

That YOU’LL never go away!







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