These Birds Have Flown

= – = – =

I love my firstborn,

Emily Grace—

With two little kids,

She keeps quite a pace!

Staying in touch

Can be a rat race,

And it takes many hours

To drive to her place.

= – =

Things aren’t the same

Since they moved away,

And jobs and obligations

Forced us to stay;

Mostly my moods are

Droopy and gray:

I miss all four of them

Every. Single. Day.

= – =

Plus, to double this trouble,

Lily is gone too:

The daily silence pierces—

I’m very sad and blue.

She’s busy with her husband,

And a ministry or two:

There’s not much overlapping

In the many things we do.

= – =

I miss our late-night visits,

And silly hanging out,

Her wisdom and candor,

And all that she’s about.

And my new son-in-law

Isn’t directly on my route:

All the kids are busy,

So, yeah, I tend to pout.

= – =

Since I quit my office job,

It’s become increasingly hard:

So I organized the garage,

Started working in the yard;

Sending things to the grandkids,

Visiting, and crafting cards.

But with time alone, I tend to cry;

I must keep up my guard.

= – =

How do I cope with

This big empty nest?

What is my agenda?

What do I do next?

Instigate some luncheons?

Make myself a pest?

I suppose that’s okay,

But likely not God’s best.

= – =

So I’m trying to be more active,

Taking care of my body:

It’s gotten pretty shabby,

Sore, and sick, and sorry.

And I’m studying and writing—

Lest  I fall to folly—

And I’m reaching out to others

Who are also melancholy.

= – =

I’ve finally come to realize

I can’t go where the girls went.

I’ve resolved to get over

This sinful discontent.

So I pray in the meantime

For a more positive bent,

New ministry of my own,

And time to be well spent.

= – =

And to cherish the days

When I do hear from the kids,

Making the most of the time

With a smile, a hug, and a kiss.

These birds have flown—

They were made for this—

May God bless and keep them:

They’re not mine—they are His!

= – = – =


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1 Response to These Birds Have Flown

  1. My friend, I was in that woe is me in my empty nest place for awhile too, but I’m happy to say, it will only last for a season. And then you’ll be so busy again doing God’s work that you won’t feel melancholy any longer.

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