Warning to the Wicked

Psalm 50:16-23  
16 But to the wicked God says, “What right have you to tell of My statutes To hypocritical teachers, God says, “You have no right to teach My Word. You have usurped authority from My true shepherds and receive undue honor from saints.
And to take My covenant in your mouth? You have no right to say You are in covenant with Me. It is absurd, and a great affront to Me, to hear you preaching My Word while not obeying it yourself.
17 “For you hate discipline You love to feed your pride by telling others what to do; but when you are corrected, you summarily dismiss it.
And you cast My words behind you. You disregard any of My rules you are resolved not to be ruled by. And you take it a step further, teaching others that your rules are more important than Mine.
When you see a thief, you are pleased with him, and you associate with adulterers. You chastise only those who dare to cross you. But you overlook sins of anyone who might come in handy or profit you later.
19 “You let your mouth loose in evil Your arrogant tone and dogmatic opinions are far from an example of My love and grace.
And your tongue frames deceit. And you are calculated liars. One lie begets another, and one fraud requires another to cover it.
20 “You sit and speak against your brother; You slander, abuse, misrepresent, censure, and judge people—as if you were their master to whom they stand or fall.
You slander your own mother’s son. You forget that these people are just as good as you are; they are on the same level as you. You should be loving, vindicating, and standing up for them if they get hurt. Instead, you abuse them yourself. You should be, in love, covering a multitude of sins and hoping all things—but in reality you sit on your judge’s bench, falsely and unjustly charging, deriding, and backbiting those you should be respecting and showing kindness to.
21 “These things you have done and I kept silence; For years, I’ve sat quietly while you’ve carried on like this, letting you alone to take your course. I hate it, but I am patient, giving time for repentance—so that if you never stop this behavior, you will have no excuse. My patience is all the more wonderful because some sinners make such ill use of it!
You thought that I was just like you; Mistaking my silence for agreement, you began to think your behavior represents Mine. You think I’m like you: denying things previously stated, not keeping your word, disregarding sin when convenient. And the longer you go on, the harder your heart gets. ……. No. You are wrong. I am not at all like you.
I will reprove you and state the case in order before your eyes. The day is coming when I will convince you of what you’ve been doing, and your mouth will be stopped: you won’t find a single word to defend yourself. What confusion you’ll have when I set your sins in order before your eyes!   You covered it up and would not listen to your conscience. You will have shame and terror when I lay it all out for you to finally face.
“Now consider this, you who forget God, Or I will tear  you in pieces, and there will be none to deliver. Do pay attention to this warning today, you who have gone your merry way without truly acknowledging Me and My Words. If you disregard what I’m telling you, be warned: I’ll rip you apart and nobody will be able to help you.
23 “He who offers a sacrifice of thanks-giving honors Me; But there is GOOD NEWS! Anyone who stops the madness and acknowledges Me and all the wonderful things that I have done—with true thankfulness—is giving me honor.
And to him who orders his way  aright
I shall show the salvation of God.”
Yes, anyone who heeds this warning, sees his terrible error, and changes his ways—that person I will show the way to the Savior, who took the deserved punishment on behalf of sinners. To that repentant sinner I will show the salvation of God.
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