Things We Learn About God from Psalm 89



The Lord


Faithful to His promises, constantly reliable

In the heavens

Made an unconditional “royal grant” promise to a chosen person (David) that one of his descendents will be King over all generations*

Does wonders

Praise goes to Him from the heavens

Faithfulness among the angels

Nothing in the skies compares to  Him

Even angels are not like Him

A God greatly feared among the angels

Awesome above all

God over a host of angels

None is like Him

Rules and stills the sea and waves

Conquered Egypt to free His chosen people

Scatters His enemies by His strength

Owns the heavens

Owns the earth

Founded the entire world and all it contains

Even the mountains shout for joy at His name





Just and Fair

King on a throne


People are blessed who praise Him

His countenance gives light

People rejoice in His name

People are exalted by God’s righteousness

By His favor, He gives people strength

The King belongs to God

He has spoken to people

He found, helped, anointed, established, strengthened, protected, and exalted David His chosen king, the highest of all earthly kings*

He gave David firstborn status/privileges *

Will give Israel the land between the Red Sea and the Euphrates River

The Father

The rock of salvation

God promised that—If David’s descendents forsake God’s commandments—He would punish them

But He will never break His promise to David’s family overall: some descendents will live forever*

As sure as the sun and moon are in the sky, God will keep His promise of an eternal kingdom*

David’s descendents would rebel and be disciplined by God—through broken-down walls and strongholds

To some, it appeared God had rejected David’s dynasty: they were subject to plunder, reproach, shame, lack of victory in war, and loss of splendor and kingship

The Psalmist ends with, “Blessed be the Lord forever!*

*The Son of David is Jesus, Eternal Savior, Lord, and King


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