Psalm 139, American-style

  • Dear God, You’ve examined me and know everything about me.
  • You’re cognizant of every single thing I do.
  • My thoughts are disjointed or forgotten, but from heaven You know how they ultimately connect.
  • You inspect the directions I take.
  • You know what I’m going through when all alone.
  • You know very well who I really am inside.
  • Before I say a word, you know where it came from, why I say it, and what I really mean.
  • Whichever way I go, You’ve always got one hand gripping my shoulder.
  • You never let me out of Your line of sight.
  • I have no idea how much You actually know about me.
  • You know more about me than I do.
  • This is just too much for me to even understand.
  • If I’m ever so foolish as to want to escape from the awe of knowing You, I couldn’t shake that awe if I tried.
  • If I ever wanted to disown my dependence on You, I couldn’t.
  • At every turn, You’ll be there to meet me.
  • As deep as I should dig to hide myself, You see it all.
  • Even those who reject You are under Your scrutiny and judgment.
  • When I get to heaven, though it’s huge, You’ll meet me.
  • Should I take the fastest transport to the farthest place, Your hand will still stop me from leaving You.
  • Attempts to hide secret haunts of sin under the cover of night are just as futile.
  • When You divided light and darkness, that was for us, not for You: to You it’s all the same.
  • Of course You have me covered—because I’m merely the creature; You’re the Creator!
  • I’m astonished at the human body; it’s a great marvel.
  • The numerous compositions that make us function are admirable.
  • And You made us to harmonize together, and be temples of Your Holy Spirit.
  • Because I’m human, I see this very well—though I can hardly describe it.
  • Even my conception in my parents’ bedroom wasn’t hidden from you.
  • Even before that, You saw who I would be and planned every day I will live.
  • In mercy You fashioned me, I was born, and I’m still alive.
  • I value Your thoughts, Lord, though I can’t fathom them.
  • You have vast reach regarding me, working for my good beyond what I could ever plan.
  • Your knowledge is beyond measurement.
  • When I wake up, I remember I’m cared for and protected.
  • Each day I also renew my commitment to stick with You.
  • Deal with evil people, Lord.
  • You evil people can’t debauch me: God would intervene.
  • I hate them because they speak against You, or show You contempt by making your name a by-word, or by using it as hypocrites.
  • I hate to see such affronts put on You.
  • If anyone makes himself Your enemy, he is my enemy also.
  • Examine me, Lord. I don’t want to live in fear.
  • Show me any corrupt inclination and root it out.
  • Help me become more pleasing to You.
  • Help me never to miss, turn from, or tire of Your Way.
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1 Response to Psalm 139, American-style

  1. themamaduck says:

    This is probably my favorite psalm and I love how you have put it into your own words; it really blessed me.

    Hugs to you, sis!


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