To My Mom

At your new house, you can’t taste,

When I try to cook your style:

But your recipes are delicious, Mom,

They drive everybody wild.


Nor can you really smell,

When a bonfire’s burning out back:

And folks are talking and singing,

While under the trees we relax.


From there, you don’t hear the sound

Of the songbirds all over our yard;

But now, enjoying them without you—

Sometimes can be very hard.


You don’t see the flowers I planted

(I learned everything from you),

Or the trees that I’m now pruning

(Because you told me to!)


You can’t feel the early sunrise

On the tomatoes and blackberries,

How they’re ripened by blessed rays

The morning sunshine carries.


But, Mom, I know that you feel

The dear love we all have for you.

You are the dearest in our hearts:

We love you, through and through!


Your life is a legacy of love,

Of charity, and assistance,

Giving whatever you had,

Up close, or from a distance.


You were misunderstood by many

Who didn’t appreciate your heart;

But any who are close to you—

You showed us how to do our part.


You dug into the trenches, Mom,

Hoping the best in others;

This sent an important message

To daughters from their mother.


And the care and help you’ve given

Especially to us three,

Is very greatly appreciated!

And the results, many now can see.


So as you walk through the shadow,

We each consider our days:

What did we do in the Lord?

And what did we do our own way?


Entering into eternal glory,

Our only hope, because of our fall,

Is to rest alone in His offering,

And trust Him to forgive us all.


This is how God works in our lives

For change, for love, and for good:

He provided the way for peace

By giving His own Son’s blood.


I just wanted to write this poem

‘Cause I love you, Mom, my friend,

And when you’re with God I’ll be happy

‘Cause I know it isn’t the end!


There’ll be sunshine & people & trees,

And flowers like you’ve never seen.

And I’d even bet there’ll be berries

With shortcake and heavenly cream!


There’ll be happiness and comfort,

And plenty of things to do;

You’ll be so glad to be going there—

(And someday I get to go too!!)



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1 Response to To My Mom

  1. Lori Nodurft says:

    Tears are flowing and much reflection

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