Apply It!

I’ve been greatly benefiting from using the Life Journal. But now I’ve added a step, and it’s a game-changer!  I’m copying applications I notate each morning to… wait for it…. my calendar!

[ !!!!!! ]

This seems like a no-brainer. But evidently I have no brain.

[ “Thick as a Brick:  Adjective. 1. Very stupid; slow to learn or understand. 2. Album by Jethro Tull. See also: Dumb as an ox. ]

Anyway, here’s the deal: After the “S.O.A.P.” process (see March 6 post), the half-sheet of notes is given a title.


  • Pursue Peace and Build Up
  • Mind Your Own Business
  • Confess & Forsake
  • Remember Your Redemption
  • Manifest His Grace
  • Strengthen Love
  • Wisdom in Mourning
  • Defeat the Devil
  • Let God Keep Perfecting
  • Empty Yourself
  • Press On
  • Think Good Thoughts
  • Persevere
  • Work Heartily
  • Grace to Unbelievers
  • Justice to the Afflicted
  • Submissive and Quiet
  • Behave Yourself
  • Pay Attention
  • Good Old Lady
  • Keep the Commandment
  • Vessel of Honor
  • Count on the Rescuer
  • Pray for Revival
  • Good Leader / Bad Leader
  • Titus 2 Woman
  • Show Mercy

Now, the calendar part: I consider these general applications (and the Scripture itself), and then—on my monthly planner—I write specific action items. Here are a few examples:

Pursue Peace and Build Up Plan an outing with friends this month

Help someone at Bible study

Remember Your Redemption Memorize a verse on assurance

Testify of your hope to someone this week

Manifest His Grace Pick a friend to bless this month

Write an encouragement card

Empty Yourself Tackle a dirty task every week

Pray on your knees

Work Heartily On To Do list items, notate the joy factor

Each day ask God, “What can I do for You today?”

Justice to the Afflicted Give to the Benevolent Fund

Listen for needs and team up with someone to meet them

Count on the Rescuer Be more logical in responses to worldly people

Respond graciously, counting on God to refill you

Show Mercy Show mercy to doubters

Bring the Gospel to spare some from  wrath

Show mercy, but disdain being polluted by the flesh

Over this last month, I’ve done lots of things I might not have without this simple process. I think I’m onto something big. ‘Hope it helps you, too. ❤


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