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Model Start-up

I read an article about some cool people who work happily and lovingly—and never give up. They were chosen specifically for their jobs, and do well because they have conviction. Their success is because they had good trainers, and have … Continue reading

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Trust Issues

How’s it goin’? Fine, thanks. Really?  What have you had going, lately? Oh, just… I’m fine.  Nothin’. Hm. Shall we go another round?  Or are you going to tell me what’s up? Well… Oh, I’m fine.  How have YOU been? … Continue reading

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The Cost of Living

These days—we’d all agree—it’s expensive to stay alive and well.  For me, it’s tricky keeping up with 2 debts, 3 taxes, 6 utilities, 2 cars, 5 policies, and 3 humans.  It seems my freelance work levels have peaks and valleys.  So … Continue reading

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‘Got Gas?

Unless there’s a flammable tanker blocking ingress and egress, I usually buy gasoline on Wednesdays.  The lines are shorter, and I don’t end up heading out someplace on the weekend only to find I have to stop for gas. An … Continue reading

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God is my Father, and He told me not to covet.  So I usually don’t.  But if I did, at the top of the list would be a Cadillac.  Any Caddy would do, but yeah, why not an Escalade?  “Razor-sharp.  … Continue reading

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Metal in the Money?

“What are you looking for, exactly?” “I usually just look for the vertical line.” This was part of a conversation in the check-out line at Trader Joe’s yesterday.  They were talking about a Hundred Dollar Bill; a C-Note; a Bennie. … Continue reading

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Planned Obsolescence

Today my coffee maker bit the dust.  Last week my toaster became toast.  Last month my microwave nuked its last popcorn. We can’t get our mower to work, and our dryer and dishwasher are on the verge of the brink. … Continue reading

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