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“10% Happier”

After he suffered a panic attack on national television, journalist Dan Harris made a change. No, I haven’t read his book on meditation, 10% Happier, but it resonated with me after viewing a documentary on minimalism. “Ten percent happier”: I … Continue reading

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Wisdom From a Liberal

I’m thankful for a good friend not afraid to “Share” on Facebook: I might have missed an on-point Vlog to Jonathan Pie’s fellow liberals regarding the USA’s recent presidential election. Pie had a lot of solid things to say, but … Continue reading

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Gymnastics started with the Greeks, displaying skills at mounting and dismounting horses. The word is also from Greek, meaning “to train naked.”  I wonder if they ever combined the two?  Sure, they did.  Anyway, having taken a full semester of … Continue reading

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“Food, Glorious Food”

  Yesterday I actually posted this Facebook status:  “After three days of this liquid diet, I actually gave Ben’s dog food a second look, Haha.” Yeah, food: I likes it.  Last night Hubby watched “Over the Hedge.”  I heard Bruce … Continue reading

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Hospitals: ‘Can’t Live Without ‘Em

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the vascular surgeon actually completed Mom’s leg procedure a long while before emerging?  Because he knows full well that it takes adult siblings least two hours to wade through the small talk and cut to … Continue reading

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