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Conspiracy Crazy

= – = Do you fear conspiracy? Just look up the page: You’ll soon discover the latest new rage: Whether World War 3 is starting real soon, Or a story that no one landed on the moon. = – = … Continue reading

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  [NOTE: This post was a writing assignment.  But no, the criteria were not what you might think.] = – = Darn those black, reflective windows, anyway: you can’t see in, and so forget that people can see out.  It’s … Continue reading

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Don’t Bury Me in That Dress

  Don’t bury me in that dress.  If I never wore it when I was alive, why would I want it to be the last thing I’m seen in?  (Do you really know me at all?) Don’t buy me trinkets.  … Continue reading

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Shunning People

  I don’t like shunning people.  Because…  (wait for it…) They’re cruel.  [How’s that for a double entendre?] Believe it or not, there are actually shunning people shunning people. (not a typo) by their smooth and flattering speech they deceive … Continue reading

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No Need to Ask Why

  No Need to ask Why… …we find our dog on the couch and our cat on the top bunk. …women’s purses have 12 pockets. …vintage TV advertises funeral services. …the deli can charge four bucks for a pound of … Continue reading

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  I just licked and sealed the envelopes.  No, Turbo Tax, you don’t get another run at it: I’m not likely to freeze and re-lick.  Actually, I can’t complain: ‘found enough deductions to defray my self-employment tax, with enough moolah … Continue reading

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  Writing a blog takes some guts:  we ought to have a bead on things (in some realm or another).  Even a one-minute blog like mine should have a semblance of reason.  (Frankly, the best bloggers are like Mr. Ed, … Continue reading

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