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These Birds Have Flown

= – = – = I love my firstborn, Emily Grace— With two little kids, She keeps quite a pace! Staying in touch Can be a rat race, And it takes many hours To drive to her place. = – … Continue reading

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Healer of the Hurting

  In days gone by, whenever I perceived someone as weak, immature, or needy, I struggled.  My natural man tends to form an opinion (albeit hopefully not wearing it on my sleeve).  Each of us has been given varying degrees … Continue reading

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“It Doesn’t Work!”

Years ago, we were sitting quietly at our campfire.  Breaking the silence was the disgruntled moan of a little kid:  “It doesn’t work!”  (He couldn’t operate our shared water spigot.)  Ever since then, when something’s broken or whatever around here, … Continue reading

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