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Gymnastics started with the Greeks, displaying skills at mounting and dismounting horses. The word is also from Greek, meaning “to train naked.”  I wonder if they ever combined the two?  Sure, they did.  Anyway, having taken a full semester of … Continue reading

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I Feel Good!

I feel really good today. Is it okay to say that?  I mean, will it make you think I have felt lousy for each of my other 20,000+ days?  Or will you think I’m gloating, trying to make others feel … Continue reading

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“The Disorderly Orderly”

  Jerry Lewis movies were ridiculous.  I’m not a fan of slapstick.  But give me a two-minute clip, and I’m howling. Then I’m done. In “The Disorderly Orderly,” he played Lewis, a mental hospital helper who supposedly took on various … Continue reading

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Rough Day?

  After work last night, I was beat.  The whole day was a training curve!  Then on lunch they dragged me through a power walk in the hot sun, and I didn’t feel that great overall.  To top it off, … Continue reading

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  Today I read a book.  (Yeah, you heard me.) It gave me lots of food for thought about how I spend my time.  Am I doing the things I find rewarding?  Or most of the time, am I just … Continue reading

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