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The UNITED states

Thank you, public servants, Donald and Barack: So far, we still have freedoms— To defend, worship, and talk. And though I don’t agree With everything you do, I’m thankful for a government— And to vote for you… or you. They … Continue reading

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Wisdom From a Liberal

I’m thankful for a good friend not afraid to “Share” on Facebook: I might have missed an on-point Vlog to Jonathan Pie’s fellow liberals regarding the USA’s recent presidential election. Pie had a lot of solid things to say, but … Continue reading

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The Lying Man

= – = Ever hear something weird? It makes no sense in your ear? The story told is hard to drink: Something in it really stinks. = – = The more he says, the more you sense That something here … Continue reading

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Evaluation Tool

  Recently somebody was explaining that “there’s a reason” So-and-so doesn’t have many friends.  Later, another lamented being the only one who picks up after herself.  Then I, myself, made yet another observation about a fellow citizen:  “Since when are there … Continue reading

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Lord Acton’s quote, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely,” had a tag line: “Great men are almost always bad men.”  I’m no historian, but politics do have an odor!  Offices created for the people are often held by the selfish.  As an … Continue reading

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Super Tuesday

No blogger can honestly say they’re never political—but deliberately absent here, usually, is governmental politics.  To me, “Super Tuesday” is a weekly special at McDonald’s. “Daddy,” a little girl asked her father, “do all fairy tales begin with ‘Once upon … Continue reading

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