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My pastor introduced me to the Life Journal.* I love it. It’s a few chapters a day, completing the Bible in a year. As I read, I notate references of an inspiring verse or two. After done reading, I handwrite … Continue reading

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Jesus Lives Here

Adapted from “My Heart: Christ’s Home” by Robert B. Munger = – = The Lord moved in with me; Yes, this was for real! He built a warm fire And banished the chill.   I want Him in my house, … Continue reading

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I tripped over a few more episodes of “Hoarders.” Yes, dramatized, but nonetheless mesmerizing. In the story of “Merlene,” a lonely, elderly woman who at one time was a supermodel, we see her squeezing through her hoard—much of which was … Continue reading

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Everybody dies.

Everybody dies. That being said… Today, I’m writing to Christians—specifically. We all die, but—[Hallelujah!]—for Christians, “we have a building from God.” Naked we came into this world. N. A. K. E. D. Naked. …. Naked. Thankfully, the Lord, year by … Continue reading

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