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Meth House

The other day, a dear friend was lamenting the issues of the world: crime, poverty, politics, taxes, injustice. I’ve been thinking about advice I gave my friend in reply: I asked him to imagine a meth lab—a toxic haven of … Continue reading

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Working Stiff’s Weekend

= – = – = I wanted to stay up— Late—‘cause I could! (But working stiffs, Friday nights, Are rarely any good.) = – = – = I wanted to sleep in— (You know, like before!) But I awakened on … Continue reading

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“Cyberspace: the digital frontier.  This is the weblog of the writer Laura.  Her ongoing mission: to examine strange new worlds; to seek out life and semblances of civilization; to boldly blog where no man has blogged before.” It turns out … Continue reading

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Sleeping in the Dark

Ah, yes, sleeping in the dark.  Naïveté:  it can be a curse, or a blessing.  The older I get, the more I’ve learned the various possibilities of what could go wrong.  In certain situations, I long for that youthful ignorance.  … Continue reading

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  Though I’m still in the learning curve, you’ll be glad to hear: the job is going well.  It took a few of months to say that, since the nature of this work delays assessment till things bubble to the … Continue reading

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Keeping the Peace

Today’s mail brought excitement! But not in the good sense of the word.  It was a letter from an attorney.  Our house policy is not to open others’ mail, so there it sat.  As I ran my errands, I sent … Continue reading

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