The Battle Rages On!

My EYES have seen the wretchedness

Of all my awful acts.

There are TIMES when I deceive myself,

But THEN I must face facts:

It’s a STRUGGLE of the flesh;

I must do MORE than just react!

The BATTLE rages on!


Yes, IN our flesh we justify

ANGER, disputes, and strife,

With JEALOUSY and enmity,

DISSENSIONS, factions, fights.

But if we LIVE by the Spirit,

That should NEVER be our life!

The BATTLE rages on!


NOR are we immoral,

Or CAROUSING or impure;

And we DON’T have things we idolize

MORE than GOD, that’s for sure.

For SEDUCERS, drunks, or pagans

Will NOT see heaven’s door.

The BATTLE rages on!


RATHER let us walk instead

In the SPIRIT of the Lord,

Who DEMONSTRATES the greater things

Like LOVE, joy, and patient words.

And TRY some kindness and loyalty,

Being GOOD, and self-controlled!

The BATTLE rages on!


Let’s RESTORE each other from error,

BEARING one another’s load,

In HUMILITY and wise discussion

Of the SAVIOR who paid what we owed.

God’s not MOCKED, don’t trample His Savior:

Yes, we’ll REAP just what we sowed.

The BATTLE rages on!



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My pastor introduced me to the Life Journal.* I love it. It’s a few chapters a day, completing the Bible in a year. As I read, I notate references of an inspiring verse or two. After done reading, I handwrite my chosen verse. That’s “S”, for “Scripture.”  Then “O” is for Observations, “A” Application, and “P” Prayer.  [I figure they meant it to spell “SOAP” (“the washing of water with the Word”).]  No worries, it’s only a half-page of handwriting, and including reading it’s 30-40 minutes total. I highly recommend getting a Life Journal.

But… because I’m me—every once in awhile I shift to the computer and do a deeper study. Today was one such day. With a few turns of phrase from Matthew Henry, I hope you enjoy the washing: it’s quite “sudsy.”

S Deut. 4:29-31   There you will serve gods, the work of man’s hands, wood and stone, which neither see nor hear nor eat nor smell. But from there you will seek the Lord your God, and you will find Him if you search for Him with all your heart and all your soul. When you are in distress and all these things have come upon you, in the latter days you will return to the Lord your God and listen to His voice. For the Lord your God is a compassionate God; He will not fail you nor destroy you nor forget the covenant with your fathers which He swore to them.
O Wherever Israel was, physically or spiritually, if they sought God sincerely, He promised they would find Him. When in trouble (even by their own doing), God knew they would return to Him and listen to Him—because He is compassionate and would not let them down, would not destroy them, and would remember His sworn promise to their forefathers.
A Wherever I am, physically or spiritually, there is nowhere that has a gap between me and God.  I will find him, because He will set me back to my right mind: He will cause me to earnestly desire God’s favor and plead with Him—and I’ll find Him. When in trouble (by my own doing, or by affliction sent by God to quicken me), God brings me to the place where I return to Him and listen to Him. This is because He is compassionate; He won’t reject me, won’t let me down, and won’t destroy me. If I, at length, remember that God made me a promise, yes: He’ll remember the promise too. [John 3:16    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.]
P Ah, Lord, God! You are amazing: You know me inside and out, and You know every minute where I am and what I’m up to. Every time I become preoccupied, confused, distracted, discontented, or even disgruntled, You keep drawing me back. When it comes right down to it, Dear Lord, “You’ve really got a hold on me.”  I can count on You to remember the promise You made: that if I truly desire You, and return to You (sincerely, like a little child), I will find You. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.



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A Little Bit On Love


is patient bearing provocation, annoyance, delay, etc., calmly and without complaint or anger; forgiving, understanding
is kind  good disposition, benevolent, charitable, sympathetic, tolerant, considerate, helpful, humane, gentle, mild
is not jealous Not envious, resentful, or suspicious of someone because of their success or advantages
does not brag  Not boastful or swaggering, does not blow one’s own horn
is not arrogant Not self-important; does not presume superiority or entitlement; unassuming; not cocky, aloof, or pompous
does not act unbecomingly Does not behave in ways that are unseemly, vulgar, indecent, or in poor character
does not seek its own Not a selfish person; not defensive or self-focused
is not provoked Does not get angry easily; does not become incensed or exhibit rage; is not easily irritated or frustrated
does not take into account a wrong Has a forgiving heart; does not even take notice of offenses or hurts; certainly does not keep an accounting
does not rejoice in unrighteousness Does not enjoy abusing others and discourages such; does not want to practice dark deeds; does not collaborate in corruption or deceit; does not enjoy watching evil media
rejoices with the truth Is happy in the Savior; does not resent being corrected; finds pleasure in the Bible; practices honesty; not a liar
bears all things Protects & shields relationships through trials and storms; endures infractions, keeping them from being exposed
believes all things Trusting; strains forward, not giving up on people; believes the best in every situation
hopes all things Expects good in others rather than assuming a bad result
endures all things Abides under a heavy burden without surrendering defeat, keeps going because of the commitment; staying put

John 3:16   God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son

Matt 5:44    love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you

John 13:1   He loved them to the end.

John 13:34 love one another

John 15:9   abide in My love

Eph 2:4-7   God…because of His great love… made us alive

Php 2:2      being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit

Col 3:14     put on love, which is the perfect bond of unity

Heb 10:24  consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds


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Fake News

= – = – =

What did you hear

That you took as a fact?

With all due respect,

Are you maybe off track?

= – = – =

What you see as reality,

If you take proper stock,

Could you find, my Friend,

Is… well… poppycock?

= – = – =

…I know about me.

And you know about you.

But what others say:

Are you sure that it’s true?

= – = – =

What is demonstrated?

Environment controlled?

Logical experiments…

Is something being sold?

= – = – =

You’re told it was repeated,

Over and over again:

But the same source in re-runs?

Really, Dear Friend?

= – = – =

Take time to test it—

Check sources, motive, cause.

You should seek empirical proof.

If not, please give pause?

= – = – =

The article was posted;

You shared; then re-tweeted.

When this happens next,

Find the truth that is needed.

= – = – =

If it doesn’t pass muster,

Verify it! Repeat it! Check it!

If it fails any test,

Don’t be foolish, just chuck it.

= – = – =

Think of people around us,

And the stuff of every day:

Don’t perpetuate propaganda,

Truth: the better way.

= – = – =


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My Psalm 23 Prayer

Dear God, eternal Creator and Sustainer, greater than everything and everyone, full of truth, goodness, mercy, and love:

You are my King, Father, Priest, Guardian, Caretaker, Provider, Attendant, and Guide.

I trust that You will not fail me, that I have no need that will get to the point of serious lack or sorrow.

When I am frustrated or afraid, cause me to remember to cry out to You for help—and please gently lead me to rest and safety.

When life gets turbulent, please refresh me with untroubled peace; replenish my life, so I may return to a mind and heart of joy.

In Your Word, teach me righteousness; I pray that Your Spirit will interpret the Word and help me with extra-biblical decisions.

May my set-apart life bring You glory.

When I am encompassed by the darkness, tempted or deceived by the devil, or even when facing the dark vale of death, please deliver me from fear.

May I always remember that You are greater than any created principality or event.

No matter how dreary life gets, may I be comforted that You have the Spiritual authority, strength, and knowledge to support, defend, protect, discipline, and lead me every step of the way.

Thank You, Lord, that You furnish me with more than enough—plenty—of provisions and comforts.

Naysayers may envy these provisions, but cannot hinder them.

The way You take care of me makes me feel like a princess.

You, Master, have given this impoverished guest at His table, an undeserved cup: I am more than abundantly blessed by peace and gladness, and this salvation is still spilling over the brim!

Past experience, how for 60 years You have taken care of me, has convinced me You will keep doing so till I die.

I have every confidence that You are eternal, and that this joyful relationship was meant to continue in heaven.

May it be so, Father.



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Your Name is Wonderful!

Jesus called You (Abba) Father,

So for all of those You know,

The name for You is Abba:

To show the love You bestow!


You are the Alpha & Omega:

An excellent name to give:

You’re before and after everything,

Pre-existent, You forever live!


Seated on Your glorious throne,

Myriads attending Your array,

The Son of Man is with You.

You are God—the Ancient of Days!


The mystery of the Trinity,

Father, Spirit, Son,

Is how You are (Messiah) Christos:

Our Savior! The Three in One!


You are also known as El Chuwl:

The God Who Gave [us] Birth;

You fearfully, wonderfully, formed us

To serve You here on earth!


El Deah, the God of Knowledge,

You weigh the actions of all men.

The depths of Your infinite wisdom

Have an unsearchable end!


The Possessor of all the heavens

You’re the Rock that is higher than I;

Above All—You are The Highest One,

El Elyon, The God Most High!


We have an everlasting Rock,

Our Eternal Father, God of all nations;

You are the Everlasting God,

El Olam, for all generations!


Your eye is on those who fear You,

And you lovingly meet our needs.

Like Hagar, we joyfully proclaim:

You are El Roi, The God Who Sees!


Your ultimate strength and power,

We will never dare to deny:

To the fathers, the saints, and all,

You are God Almighty, El Shaddai!


Glorious Maker of heaven and earth,

You are Elohim, Creator of all things.

Day to day pours fourth speech;

Of Your many wonders ~ we sing!



Lord God, You know our afflictions.

You will come, so we clear the way;

You have said, “I AM WHO I AM”

The Self-Existent One, Yahweh!


You made the stars and beyond;

It’s Your Creation; You existed before.

And You made all on earth and its depths,

The LORD Creator, Yahweh-Bore!


Yahweh-Nissi, The LORD My banner:

You are not finished with us yet.

You fight against our enemies:

We’re forever in Your debt!


You lead us beside still waters,

The LORD My Shepherd, Yahweh-Raah:

You carry Your flock and deliver us:

You laid down your life! Jesus, we’re in awe!


Please heal our wounds & broken hearts;

We humbly repent and make our appeal:

We trust You to forgive and preserve us,

Yahweh-Rapha, The LORD that heals!


We rest in Your loving presence,

The LORD is Peace, Yahweh-Shalom,

Please help us to remain steadfast;

Keep us safe till You take us home!


We find hope in Your promise of refuge,

As we go along, no matter where.

We are never away from Your presence:

Yahweh-Shammah, The LORD is There!


You are the God of all the armies,

Yahweh-Tsabbaoth, The LORD of Hosts.

You will be magnified forever,

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!


The LORD Our Righteousness,

You are Yahweh-Tsidkenu;

We have faith in your Son to save us:

Please help us to keep seeking You!


And as we continue life here daily,

Until the Groom returns for the bride,

We thank You for our daily blessings:

Yahweh-Yireh, The LORD Will Provide!

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A Psalm of Lament


A Cry to God


I’m not very fancy at praying

(But that’s no secret to You)!

Often, Your Spirit’s groanings

Are about all that I can do.


So maybe if I write it out,

In the early morning calm,

My prayer will be more clear—

In this heartfelt, humble psalm.


My Hardship


My prayer to You, today, Lord,

Comes from a broken heart:

Losing people has always hurt

Repeatedly—from the start.


First Dad, then Sam, then

Friends and relatives slipped away,

And, of course, that awful church split

Was a devastating day.


Now Mom, Crystal, and Jane,

And also the kids and grandkids:

I see I’d idolized these people:

They were my purpose, I admit.


I know Your otherworldly peace,

But just like in the Garden,

I’ve disobeyed Your commands;

I desperately need Your pardon!


Confession of Trust


No one else can give me hope

But Jesus, My Savior, alone,

Who took on death for my sins:

Each one of them atoned.


Lord, You can do anything at all,

In your great love everlasting;

You’re every single place I go,

And you know every single thing.


Nothing escapes Your awesome control,

Yet You’re perfect, holy, and set apart;

And You’ve never told a single lie,

And you have a gracious, merciful heart.


You never—never—ever change:

I can take Your promises to the bank;

You have blessed me in many things,

And for these, Lord, I give thanks.



Petition for Deliverance


I still have David and lots of friends,

And I’m serving in new places;

But I ask for faith in the meantime,

While I miss these loved ones faces.


I know full well, Dear Father,

I have no reason to complain:

Help me keep Your Word daily:

Draw me close—again and again!


Remind me of my hope in my Savior,

As here on earth, for heaven I wait;

And any friends who are there with You?

Please have them greet me at the Gate!



Praise for Answering


I praise You, Awesome Creator,

Of all my loved ones and me.

You’ve already provided peace—

Your perfect love I can feel and see.


You’ve given to me Spiritual fruit:

Kindness, love, joy, and peace;

Now I ask for some self-control?

And a dose of patience, please!


I have a happy, worshipful feeling

That You’re hearing me today;

And, Lord, I’m so very thankful—

That YOU’LL never go away!







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